The Warmest Year

The quote 'all little bits help' will be Move Scarves’ theme of the Warmest Year. In 2021 a small part of our sales of the silk masks will donated to the “Het Kinderkankerfonds” (The children’s cancer fund). In doing this we not only want to provide our dear clients with a silky soft quality but at the same time contribute to cancer research and care.

Monique’s heart for care

Cancer is a disease that leaves nobody untouched. It makes no distinction between age, gendre or origin. It overwhelms you, engulfs you and touches you. The last couple of years I had to say goodbye to several loved ones due to cancer. An emptiness which cannot be filled.

Recently I met little Stella, a toddler not even 2, full of joie de vivre. A child that plays, smiles and cuddles. Your heart fills with love when you see her; but a few months ago they discovered she had a malignant tumor. Her life and her parents’ was turned upside down. This touched me deeply and incites me into action.

Therefore I am making 2021 “The warmest year”

Because every little bit of hope, strength and commitment can make the difference.

With the purchase of each mouth mask made of high-quality silk (€ 59 *excl. shipping costs) we donate € 5 to The Children's Cancer Fund. 

100% handmade in Belgium 

Available in black or white

adjustable nose bridge and ear loops

(hand) washable at 40°C

Do you want to make a difference?

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