Buying silk scarves

A refined accessory that immediately catches the eye? Have you bought a dress or a blouse for a special occasion but are you looking for a matching silk scarf?

Welcome at Presence & Allure, specialist in hand painted natural silk scarves. Monique Verreydt designs luxurious silk scarves, hand made,  with top finishing under the label MoVe.

Buying all-round and long lasting silk scarves

Stylish, exclusive and 100% custom-made: a silk scarf by MoVe has it all! Choose an eye-catcher or something more sophisticated. Put it simply around your neck or drape it stylish round your shoulders.  A striking eye-catcher for a refined look, matching your character and colour scheme. You will catch everyone’s attention!

MoVe has a limited collection of silk scarves for sale because every custom-made scarf is unique. Come and see the MoVe collection in my studio in Keerbergen.

Buying hand made silk scarves


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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”
 - Oscar Wilde

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