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Passionate, a creative talent and a great love of colour and style : that is Monique Verreydt, the driving force behind Presence & Allure and MoVe Scarves! After finishing her career in 2012 she followed during a whole year an intensive course for colour and style consultant. The start of a new chapter in her life want Presence & Allure allows her to combine her big passions: beauty, colour, fashion and people.

A lady with ambitions.....

Monique often uses her knowledge and experience as a licenced colour and style consultant to produce her personalised MoVe scarves. Based on the slogan “We are all unique” Monique wants to emphasize this hence her scarves are as unique as the ones she wears.

The silky softness of the MoVe Scarves...

A refined accessory with a touch of “je ne sais quoi”? A silk scarf is the final touch to your outfit.

Monique makes under her private label MoVe, short for Monique Verreydt, hand made exclusive silk scarves using her clients’ colour schemes. Bull’s eye! The latest techniques and an exhaustive knowledge about painting on silk? She keeps these au fait by following additional specialist courses. Quality guaranteed for 100% !

 “How it all started with MoVe Scarves? Funnily enough it started with me buying the wrong dress. I had a boring grey dress hanging in the cupboard and one day I decided to make it more attractive by adding a colourful scarf. What a difference! Even my husband had noticed it! That was the trigger for me to start making beautiful silk scarves that gave my outfits some colour and made them more fashionable” Monique

Silky soft scarves or amazing workshops


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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”
 - Oscar Wilde

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